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Can I Still Get Treated With Dental Implants if I Have Low Jawbone Density?

Posted on 5/1/2024 by Cooley Smiles Lynwood
Photo of dental implants from Cooley Smiles in Lynnwood, WAIf you are thinking about dental implants but are concerned about having low jawbone density, know that this is a frequent worry. Fortunately, modern dentistry has developed a variety of effective remedies.

Understanding Jawbone Density in Relation to Implants

For dental implants - the artificial tooth roots resembling small, screw-like posts - to be effective, sufficient jawbone density is necessary. Long-term tooth loss can lead to jawbone deterioration, a process called bone resorption. Although this may appear to be an obstacle to getting implants, there are innovative solutions available.

Revolutionary Approaches: Bone Grafting and Mini Implants

Bone grafting stands out as a groundbreaking solution. This involves transferring bone from a different part of your body, or using special bone grafting materials, to your jawbone. This graft eventually integrates with your existing bone, providing a solid foundation for an implant.

Another alternative for those less suited to bone grafting is mini dental implants. These are smaller than the usual implants and demand less bone density, offering a feasible substitute.

The Impact of Technological Progress in Dentistry

Technologies like 3D imaging and guided dental surgery are transforming the implant process. They enable dentists to deeply understand your bone structure and strategically plan the implant procedure, making the most of your existing bone.

The Crucial Role of Professional Evaluation

However, the success of an implant procedure fundamentally hinges on a thorough assessment by a dental expert. They assess your oral health and jawbone density to advise the best solution for you. It is important to note that what is effective for one person may not be suitable for another.

A New Perspective for Individuals With Low Jawbone Density

To sum up, low jawbone density does not have to be a definitive obstacle in getting dental implants. With the appropriate strategy, under the guidance of a proficient dentist, numerous individuals with this issue have successfully rejuvenated their smiles. Thus, if you are contemplating dental implants, do not let worries about jawbone density hold you back. An appropriate solution is likely available.

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