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Early Detection and Management of Pediatric Periodontal Disease

Posted on 1/2/2024 by Weo Admin
Man smiling in dental chair after dental exam atCooley Smiles in Lynnwood, WAChildren are quite susceptible to gum disease. They have a high tendency to eat sugary foods. The condition damages the gums and other teeth-supporting structures. If gum disease is not managed early enough, it will lead to severe dental problems. Here are the most recommended early detection and management of pediatric periodontal disease strategies:

Oral Hygiene

The first method to prevent gum disease is to ensure your child brushes and flosses their teeth. Educating your child on the best brushing techniques would be best. Ensuring you supervise the children's oral hygiene practices is important until they can do them independently.

Healthy Diet

Another critical issue when it comes to the prevention of gum disease is diet. Sweets and other refined sugars will eat away the enamel of the teeth, encourage the growth of harmful bacteria, and in the long run, cause gum disease. Children should eat a balanced diet.

[[[H2:Regular Dental Visits]]
Dental visits are essential in the detection and management of the periodontal disease. You should ensure your child visits a dentist two times a year. Children with existing gum disease need to visit dental professionals frequently. Any signs of gum disease are identified and treated immediately during a dental visit.

Behavior Modification

Children who suck their thumbs or bite their nails are more susceptible to oral health issues. Behavior modification is recommended to prevent gum disease. Talk to your dentists about techniques to help your child break these bad habits. It would be best to offer gentle reminders and positive reinforcement to encourage behavior modification.

Dental Treatment

Seeking treatment early enough is the best way to avoid tooth and bone loss. There are multiple ways to manage pediatric periodontal disease. The management method depends on the severity of the disease. Treatment options include dental sealants, antibiotics, fluoride treatments, scaling, and root planing.

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